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Our History

Hoeckele Bakery began on May 27, 1937 at 4 N. Jackson St. in Perryville, Missouri. It was owned and operated by Paul Hoeckele Sr. and his brother Joseph Hoeckele.

They offered a full line of donuts, pastries, breads, coffee cakes, and cookies. After the death of Joseph Hoeckele, Paul Hoeckele Jr. came to work at the bakery. They incorporated an assortment of cakes, including wedding cakes into the business. When Paul Jr. married Donna Buchheit she became the head cake decorator.

As the years progressed they had 5 children who all worked at the bakery throughout the years. In 1999 Paul Jr. and Donna retired and their sons, Paul III & Joseph along with their wives Angela & Yvette took ownership of the business. In July of 2006, Paul III, Angela, Joseph, and Yvette with the help of their 6 children (4th generation) constructed a new 8,000 sq. foot building to expand their business.

This year marks our 80th Anniversary!

Interesting Facts

We make anywhere from 250-550 dozen donuts per day along with danish dough, bread dough, and sweet dough.

We Use On Average:

  • 120-150 lbs of fresh yeast per week
  • 2500 lbs of flour per week
  • 1500 lbs of sugar per week
  • 1000 lbs of shortening  per week
  • 800 lbs of icing per week

Our Team